Everyday I seem to have a lot on my mind.

I started reading, “Ayurveda and the mind.” The book teaches an extremely fascinating and universal concept about ourselves and claims it to be the most challenging action to accomplish in the Universe. Many individuals look at their lives in their own unique, specific and interpreted ways. They will take a circumstance that is either within or outside their control and interpret it in their way; some of their peers may either agree, disagree, or remain neutral with them. The nature of this inherent action of the mind creates millions upon billions of disparate and homogeneous perspectives. This includes examples such as: the differences between political or religious views, specific ways to raise a child, or whether one chooses to accept certain truths and facts about life, etc.

An interesting thought to conjure is that, if you take a step back from the depth of the issue at hand, at the end of the day and in your very present moment, this may be hard to accept or understand, however, these perspectives are merely circumstances that have been formed outside of you that you have accepted to become impressed upon the mind by your senses to form a point of view.

Today, most people have come to terms to identify themselves with their personality. The issue with this is that the personality is simply a reflection of the way our mind perceives thoughts, feelings and events. This demands the following question to be posed and answered, are you choosing to let your mind limit your actions and beliefs, or do you choose to use your mind and body as tools to carry out what you deem to be your true purpose?

Remember, if you can control your mind, you can control how you think, act and feel.

An issue with obeying and holding onto the personality is that it fluctuates as the weather fluctuates and changes as the seasons change, therefore, it simply cannot control or sustain itself. How can one rely on something that fluctuates so much as well as attempt to base true and life altering decisions on it? The answer to this question is that you can’t. The solution must then therefore be reached beyond the mind and concludes that it does not fluctuate and remains still. This reality, the only source we can truly rely upon, is our awareness.

Circumstances, thoughts and feelings, all perceived and interpreted by your mind, will generally place a bias or judgement on any topic at hand. This is due to its sensitive and subtle nature and because of the way it has been formed and influenced since birth. There is nothing wrong with this at all, it is simply the way the mind works if we are unaware of it or choose not to control it. This obviously determines the outcome of our day-to-day life. The joy, mystery and awe of this however, is that we have the option and ability of choosing how we perceive everything and anything; and like our muscles, the mind will shape itself and its beliefs into the way we live our lives. Through the passing of our days and through the flow of all time, where our Attention goes, so does our Mind.

Awareness is real and you can realize it. Take a moment for yourself now. Either close your eyes or keep them open. Eliminate all thought, and disassociate with the way your body feels. Become aware of your thoughts and feelings but do not bind yourself to them. Allow them to float in and through your consciousness and feel free, not to respond, react or follow them. A good trick is to focus solely on your breathing.

Continue for as long as you’d like, there is only one more paragraph to read.

There is Truth in our awareness. In other-words, our awareness can help us perceive and identify our ‘true’ sense and nature of self. Find the courage to find time for your life and determine a few goals and aspirations you wish to see fulfilled. Recording the evidence is a great was to stay on track. The next step is to begin walking towards your dreams and aspirations, as you do this you may notice them start to unfold throughout your walk, like flowers in springtime. You may continue to record the evidence for more motivation. Your mind may begin to play ‘tricks’ on you by reinforcing your old habits like a guard protecting a fortress. This is because of the old patterns and habits your mind chose to accustom itself to in the past. Your life situation may also not be in a position that is as fertile as you wish it would be, resulting in inefficient soil for your seeds of ‘goals and aspirations’. The remedy for this is the next logical and intuitive step: make the soil more fertile. This could be related in real life as becoming financial grounded and stable to pay the bills every month or resolving relationship issues, etc. If you stay the course and remain understanding of the subtle nature of the mind, you can remedy your soil by taking logical and creative steps forward as your dreams unfold and become true.

We have the ability of mastering the most difficult aspect of the Universe, our mind.
Create your world with your imagination.


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